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Stage 11. ACTION - additional consideration

From Monchique to Solar do Pincho via Marmelete - 31.2 km

  • With time, I discovered another crucial hidden benefit of my entrepreneurial venture: it made me more resourceful. The journey was a powerful business and personal learning experience that I could never have had in the corporate world with all its support and limiting environment. It allowed me to grow as an independent operator, relying solely on myself. I widened my knowledge, developed some new reflexes and intuition, challenged my paradigms, and got a new sense of the importance of perspective.

  • We cannot underestimate the importance of resourcefulness in a world where we all tend to live much longer and have the potential to face more ups and downs (whether by our own doing or external factors). The COVID pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the breakdown of the supply chains, remote work, etc. have shown that your best personal plans can be altered very quickly.

  • Until recently financial planning extended to a life of 80 years at best. But what if all of a sudden you need to add 30 more years? How does that change your game? Are you ready for it? Is a conventional financial plan (career, retirement, 4% interest rule, etc.) adequate or robust enough for this new world? Will you have developed the ability to reinvent yourself once you are pushed out of the workplace?

  • Developing flexible and enterprising capabilities is becoming an increasingly valuable skill. A 40-year-long corporate career may not be the best way to prepare for this new environment. Living many different experiences may instead increase your state of readiness.

  • This notion should not surprise anybody in business today. After all, the new corporate buzzword is agility. The priority in many corporations is to render the organization more flexible, and responsive when faced with unexpected events. So why wouldn’t you do the same and build agility in your personal life? If only you ran your life as a business…

Are you ready for the consequences of longer life and new life cycles?

Does your current situation help you prepare for it?


TRAVEL UPDATE - STAGE 11 and most of 12

Distance: 31.2 km

Cumulative Elevation: 643 m

Time: 8 hours

Weather: Sunny



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