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Speak with Franck

The world is changing fast. 'Old-economy' thinking makes you vulnerable in the current job market and may lead you to a more precarious situation in a few years.  A majority of workers will supplement their income with freelance gigs.  Life and business will no longer be separate. They will be fluid.   This transformation is comparable to a tsunami that will change the way we live and do business.  It will affect individuals and businesses alike.  You can decide to fight the wave or to surf it.  I have decided to go for the ride.  Will you join me?


Change can be seen as a threat or an opportunity.  When the trends are highly probable, it makes sense to embrace them.  For the last 20 years, I have been trying to anticipate tendencies and capitalizing on them for my own projects.  I have also been advising individuals and entrepreneurs by offering them a different point of view based on my experience (corporate and entrepreneurial), lifestyle (as a nomad and minimalist), extensive travel and cultural insights, continuous learning, and penchant for strategy.


My approach is to identify paradigm shifts and embrace uniqueness.  My bias is action.  My strength is lateral thinking.  My areas of expertise are strategy, social media, marketing, entrepreneurship, and the internet. 

I travel the world with my wife in pursuit of new experiences, new skills, and new encounters.    Our itinerary is not set.  It is determined by personal interest, advisory or pro-bono opportunities.  Contact us for potential collaboration.

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