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Hello, my name is Franck.  I am a former corporate executive turned entrepreneur, digital nomad, and minimalist.  I constantly travel around the world with my wife Zora.  Over the last 15 years, we have been fortunate to choose and enjoy an unusually free lifestyle.  Our focus has exclusively been on our children’s education, traveling, and learning about new technologies, digital content, and social networks.


Nowadays each member of our family runs his / her own social media channel independently.  As a digital family, we have gathered millions of Facebook /Instagram followers through Martial Tribes, MarkianB, HackMyAge, and Kalina


Franckly Speaking is a new personal channel addressing paradigm shifts and challenges in the new economy, with a special focus on people seeking to (re)invent themselves (young graduates and people over 50). 


Many people are facing an uncertain future with disappearing career plans, a longer life span, and limited savings.  Sharing our experiences on how we keep challenging ourselves, generating value through alternative approaches, and staying healthy for the next 50 (!) years may help some people turn their anxiety towards the future into positive anticipation of the changes and a way to find financial freedom.


We have a tagline for this shift in attitude: Stand Strong!

Hopefully, you will find this blog entertaining and relevant, maybe even intriguing or inspiring. Please consider accompanying us on our online journey and giving us constructive feedback.

Do think about meeting us along the way.  This is not tourism.  It is a lifestyle.

Thank you!


Zora, and I travel all year long, visiting places for 2 to 6 weeks at a time in order to immerse ourselves in the local life.   We do not have any itinerary in mind.  We move according to opportunities to share our knowledge, meet awesome people, or simply follow our special interests.  Our path lies in a quest to learn, share and live unusual experiences through special encounters.  

For Zora, travel centers around her gerontological work on prolonging health span. She enjoys exploring the longevity secrets of different cultures, interviewing experts and inspirational characters, and then reporting her findings to her clients and followers on the Hack My Age podcast and at


For me, it is a chance to keep a pulse on technological changes all over the world, explore new business ideas, network for my own projects, mentor individuals seeking economic freedom, and share my marketing and social media expertise with start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

When we land in a new location, we are always looking for good samaritans to make our stay more meaningful, by introducing us to the local community, helping us find sponsors (anybody in the health and travel industry? :-), or simply enjoying a pleasant experience together.


We appreciate attending meet-ups, visiting companies and start-ups sharing our adventures with their members and staff.  Zora usually speaks about well-being, nutrition, energy and her five-pillar program to longevity.  Franck regularly addresses paradigm shifts, personal and professional growth, entrepreneurial and social media issues.

We strive to build a personal journey where our work will not define our life, but our life will drive our activities.


Are you worried about your next professional move, your finances, in search of unique experiences, longing for a freedom lifestyle, entrepreneurially minded, always ready to learn and reinvent yourself… 

Franckly Speaking - It's all about you!

You grew up in a different time.  Your education is based on old thinking.  Your future is unpredictable.  Massive changes are coming and they will affect all of us. Status quo is not an option!

Instead of worrying about the future, adopt the Stand Strong attitude.  Embrace and anticipate the changes.  Be confident about your worth and nurture your uniqueness.  Learn and grow professionally in new sectors.  Capitalize on the new opportunities.


New graduates seeking a path in a new world where careers do not mean anything anymore, or 50+ empty-nesters facing job rationalization and an impossible retirement are all in the same boat.   They share the need to make money for a long time using non-traditional methods.

This blog covers topics from straightforward travel experiences to unorthodox insights about life, work, personal finance, education, health, and longevity.  These practical ideas may resonate with some of the experiences you are already living or motivate you to embark on your own adventures.

Fear not the future - Fear your inaction!





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We are always looking to meet awesome people to share insights and ideas. 



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