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In the new normal, focused collaboration may mean salvation at the local level.

Joe and I are digital nomads often using cafes and restaurants as ‘offices’. Unfortunately, we saw two of our favorite places close down in the last year due to the pandemic. The owners tried to survive a few months, partly pivoted to a take-away model, but could not stand out on internet and generate enough business to cover fixed costs and invest in reinventing themselves.

Sadly, there was nothing we could do to save them, but we thought we could help save a few other ‘offices’. We used our digital marketing experience to design a platform to help bring customers to a select and limited group of local businesses. This is the genesis of, a post-Covid initiative that we will be launching this April in support of local and small businesses.

From the point of view of a local business….

…the project consists in joining a limited and select community of 265 local businesses in their city (only 5 businesses in 53 categories like restaurants, bars, boutiques, wellness…) to benefit from economies of scale and superior expertise in digital advertising.

Unfortunately, we could not come up with a model to help every local business, especially when they compete with each other. Setting a limit to the community was essential. The project is designed to focus all our energy on a limited number of mainly non-competitive members (only five per category) eager for an opportunity to stand out in a digital world that makes it very difficult for small-but-worthy players to be discovered.

For a mere $10/month, members will enjoy economies of scale in digital advertising, optimal SEO listing, backlinks, reputational value, and more benefits that should help them generate new business.

The rare value provided by this project is only possible through the collaborative efforts and interconnected interests of the members. This could not be achieved with the ‘old model’ of digital platforms opened to all. We believe that participating in a super focused platform is the new normal for businesses-on-a-budget seeking to emerge online.

From the point of view of visitors to Top City Spots…

…a travel destination is truly made interesting thanks to the rich fabric and diversity of its local businesses. Therefore, supporting small businesses on a trip makes complete sense and is bound to enrich a travel experience. With Top City Spots, visitors will find a select community of local and small businesses proud of their trade, eager to be discovered and to serve travelers visiting their city.

The heavily-advertised platform will cut through the overwhelming amount of information available on internet to visitors by highlighting only 5 local businesses in 53 categories (food, wellness, shopping…) in each city, making their choices effortless and optimal while traveling across the world.

Top City Spots is launching its beta version and selecting its members in about 20 cities starting this April. Our expectation is to be at full speed by June, while adding 3-5 new travel destinations every week after that.

As a potential tourist, we thank you for supporting local businesses during your travel and hope you will find our information exciting and informative.

If you are a local business interested in joining the community in your city, please contact us at


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