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The Unstable Equilibrium

An equation that all entrepreneurs and people aspiring to financial freedom will have to resolve is the constant issue of balancing tactical and strategic objectives. 💰 Obviously, the most important is your strategic objective, the one at the basis of your plan, the one that will mean success. 💰 However, this target usually takes time to achieve and, if you are not well funded, may never materialize. 💰 So, in the mean time, you need to resolve to tactical steps that will generate quick revenues to pay the bills, while still working on your strategic goal! 💰 This balance between tactical and strategic priorities is unavoidable and tricky: - spend too much time on the tactical and you will never realize your vision or achieve financial freedom... - spend too much time on the strategic and you may run out of funds too early... 💰 This equilibrium is fickle. It changes over time. The key is not to lose sight of the function of each of your priorities at all time. Pursue them in total awareness of their role (tactical or strategic) and adjust according to circumstances. 💰 Lose sight of this balancing act and the fall is never far!

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