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No more careers!

Exploring paradigm shifts in the work place...

Following up on a question from a reader, I will start regularly sharing some paradigm shifts taking place right now. 💰 Paradigm shifts affect people differently in the short term depending on their age, wealth, occupation... but in the end they have an impact on all of us. So, unless you plan to die soon, get ready for the ride 😂 💰 With the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ massive changes are coming our way sooner rather later. Many people will lose their jobs, many retirees will not be able to maintain their purchasing power. The status quo for each of us is not an option! 💰 The silver lining is that opportunities will be plentiful for people willing or able to reinvent themselves. 💰 First paradigm shift for young graduates: don’t think in terms of career anymore. You will be fully active for 60-70 more years. You are likely to get multiple sources of income over your life and participate in the gig economy one way or the other. 💰 By 2027, it is estimated that 50% of active US workers will be involved in the freelance economy. Are you already on board?🤔 💰

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