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Franck's story...

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Let´s get to know each other. Nothing better to relate to a personal blog than understanding its author...

Hello, my name is Franck.

Since leaving the corporate world, I have been pursuing numerous entrepreneurial ventures. I have sold various businesses and have been advising companies on marketing and strategic issues.

For the last fifteen years, I have been using new technologies to manage my projects remotely. I have essentially been on 'sabbatical' focusing on learning skills and trying new things like building a large social channel (Martial Tribes), preparing an ICO or embracing a minimalist and digital nomad lifestyle.

This unorthodox, yet pragmatic approach to business and life have provided my clients and partners with a valuable and fresher viewpoint on trends, social media marketing and strategic vision.

For more factual details (resume, education), feel free to check my LinkedIn profile. It is mostly complete. (Note: I only accept invitations on LinkedIn from people I know… or from people creative enough to arise my curiosity via an effective ‘click-bait’ message. Feel free however to contact me through this website, my Facebook group or my Instagram account.)

The qualitative part

For the less factual part, here are some tidbits about me:

I enjoy getting old. It beats dying young.

I am not an accomplished writer. Please be lenient with my writing style.

I am a thinker, but I know people much more profound than me.

So, please take any idea with a grain of salt.

I was not born an entrepreneur. I became an entrepreneur.

I have a strong bias against selling my time. I prefer spending it building an asset.

I accept consulting under 4 conditions:

I feel I can genuinely contribute positively,

The topic is interesting, the team is pleasant and I can deepen my expertise,

There is a mountain nearby to hike,

The money is really too good to refuse (unfortunately too rare).

My philosophy of life can be resumed in three points:

Let it go

Keep moving forward

Have a great coffee

My favorite line: Working and Making Money Are Two Different Things.

My (cynical) view of corporate life in 4 points:

1. Negotiate well your annual budget

2. Achieve your budget by no more than 2% (leave some room for following year)

3. If you don´t achieve your budget, have a good excuse (financial meltdown works well if you are not downsized in the process)

4. Make sure your mentor gets promoted.

My two favorite business models: subscription and multi-level marketing because they both lead to recurrent, passive income.

In our couple, my wife is the better person. I may be more cultured but she has higher emotional intelligence. People are really fond of her. I usually tag along.

I have been trying to do a free handstand for the last 3 years. My goal is to last at least 20 seconds. So far, I am still at 4 seconds. Keep looking for the video in the next 10 years!

You may know me a little better now.

But can you really know another person, even if he/she tells you everything?


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