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Don't believe me! Read, assess and decide what's good for you.

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Entrepreneurs have strong beliefs. This is a necessary requirement to start any venture: they must believe they will overcome the odds.

You are in charge!

Franckly Speaking is a blog where I often write about personal finances. I share insights and decisions that have taken me from being a corporate executive to a successful entrepreneur and finally digital nomad. For most details about my career, feel free to check my LinkedIn profile.

(Note: I only accept invitations on LinkedIn from people I have met… or from people creative enough to arise my curiosity via an effective ‘click-bait’ message. 😯 Feel free however to contact me through this website, my Facebook page or my Instagram account.)

Over the years, I have had many successes and I have failed a few times. My career led me to acquire strong opinions on entrepreneurism, business models and personal wealth. These beliefs are genuinely heartfelt. However they are shaped by the perceptions of my own reality. As such, they may be irrelevant, erroneous, temporary or... truly insightful.

Do not take my word at faith value.

Instead, the best use of the blog is to read the posts carefully, assess the ideas being shared, and decide for yourself whether they apply to you. This goes for any advice you may receive in general.

Read carefully

Most posts are written after a significant thought process (even if it does not transpire through the writing skills 😉). They are the result of many years of reflexion. It is important to understand the spirit in which they were written, the logic and the assumptions used.

Some opinions challenge conventional ideas of a past that I consider not relevant anymore. Dismissing them may be easy, especially when they do not fit your reality. Please read them first with empathy as your perception of reality is also likely to be incomplete...

Assess the ideas

Franckly Speaking is all about you! The aim is to generate a healthy and respectful dialogue about wealth creation. However, the ideas being exposed may not take into account factors related to your own situation. That does not make them wrong, but just less relevant to you.

It is vital that you evaluate their applicability through the filter of your uniqueness (factual or emotional). Yet, you must remain true to your real self, making sure you do not hide behind uncomfortable personal truths.

Lying to oneself while assessing an idea brings no benefit.

Decide for yourself

Decision is the goal of any business related process. Without it, time is wasted. Whether you agree or disagree with an idea on personal finance, you must move on to the most critical next step: action. There is no other way forward.

The responsibility of the decision is always yours and you must fully assume its consequences. No excuses.

It's all about you!

Good luck!

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